Saturday, February 2, 2008

Is Gravel Still In Race? False Report of Drop?

Smart Politics: Mike Gravel Ends Presidential Bid

Mike Gravel Ends Presidential Bid. The Democratic field is now down to five. ... since an update to it clearly indicates that Mike Gravel is still in the race. ... -

Yahoo! Answers - Did you know Mike Gravel is still in the presidential race?

5 major corporations control our elections, and ch... Mike Gravel is the only candidate by far that is outspoken and honest enough to ... -

  1. ... Kuchinich doing so last week, leaves only one Progressive still in the race. ... weather the storm of a Presidential race, what kind of president would he ... - 27k - Cached
  2. ... clear that NBC just wants me out of the race. ... Most Americans still don't appreciate the gravity of that ... why we need public funding of these races! ...


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