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Bush Lies

Bush Lies

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Failure Is Impossible

"Why do they lie? Because they're liars!" Al Sharpton

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The Democratic Party | Mother of Iraq Veteran Speaks Out
... the bush administration made so many mistakes in iraq , they themselves admit it ,
such visitors sent by Mr. Bush lies to you as to me , more iraqies hates ... - 59k

The Democratic Party | Community Blogs | The Liberal Democratic ...
... Nixon...lied, Clinton...lied, Bush...LIES. Big ones too compared to the Nixon, Clinton.
It will take forever to get the ball rolling but that is not the point. ... - 33k

The Democratic Party | Job Report Highlights Bush Economy Woes
... Those of us in the lower income brackets know full well that the Bush and neocon's
glowing reviews of our economy are all part of the Bush Festival of Lies. ... - 55k

The Democratic Party | Did George Bush Break the Law?
Did George Bush Break the Law? ... Our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution
in order to prevent exactly what Bush is doing today. ... - 101k

The Democratic Party | Editorials: The Disastrous Bush Medicare ...
... And it lies with the Bush administration, which is solely responsible for administering
this new Medicare drug benefit. ...How did this mess come to be? ... - 44k

The Democratic Party | CA-50: Governor Dean on Francine Busby
... Fixed. Posted by DNCSeth on April 12, 2006 at 03:23 PM. Little Scotty Mac is blaming
the media AGAIN for discovering more Bush lies. Keep the heat on, Howard. ... - 55k

The Democratic Party | Bush Proposes Escalating The War In Iraq ...
... anyway. The first priority here needs to be to get a handle on the War of
Lies and Bush and his lies to the American people. These ... - 101k

The Democratic Party | Poll: Bush More Unpopular Than Ever
... Lie????? But the poll also found that issues other than the Iraq war may
be dragging down Bush's numbers. ... to! Lies, and more lies ! ... - 57k

The Democratic Party | FBI Agents Denied Email Access
... Make George The Grand Prevaricator Bush own the lies, the deception, the moral cost,
the morass, the shame, the obscene expense, the nebulous and changing ... - 59k

The Democratic Party | Governor Dean Blasts Bush For Threatening ...
... for a vote? The Republicans lost the Senate because of Bush's lies about
the Iraq war and because of corruption. Do you think the ... - 94k

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